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Concept Designer, Interaction Designer, Speculative Designer

Lumi is a personal speculative design project I am working on which explores the question- How might we detect skin cancer in it's earliest stages? Lumi is a fictitious product intended to spark discussion and thought on the topic of skin cancer. Bioreactive dye in Lumi responds to skin cancer cells, changing the color of affected skin areas temporarily to reveal areas of concern. The logotype for Lumi was created using a hand-modified version of Futura. 

The Challenge
Skin Cancer is a terrifying reality which, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, impacts millions of individuals each year. While it is common for individuals see a dermatologist for an annual skin cancer screening, the process of going into a doctor's office, stripping down, and having someone examine your skin can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. With this project, I examined the questions: How might we detect skin cancer in it's earliest stages? How might we normalize skin cancer screening such that it is regular, rather than annual, event? How might we incorporate skin cancer detection into organic experiences, where individuals are already undressed or caring for their skin? 

Design fiction, Identity Design, Product Design, Interaction Design

Sketch, Plastic and Paper goods for simulation exercise
The Design Process
Next Steps - Simulation
Tools for Simulation

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