Single page, responsive site design for C2E Fast Charge Authority (AkerWade)

SeventhStreet, Detroit based agency

UX Designer (Freelance)

AkerWade Power Technologies produces industrial fast-chargers for batteries that power industrial lift trucks and other vehicles primarily in the materials handling industry. The AkerWade Fast Charge Technology site was produced to promote AW as the authority in industrial fast-charge technology. The site launch was to coincide with an annual European conference for material handling where new products and technologies are presented. 

Cultural differences can have a tremendous impact on user perceptions. In constructing AkerWade's Fast Charge Technology site, there was the potential for dissonance between the site presentation (designed and developed by an American team) and European user expectations. As such, there existed a need to ensure AkerWade's site design was constructed in accordance with European web conventions. 
As the site was launched in time for a European conference, conference-goers had their own specific needs that were considered. As customers were potentially 'out of pocket' during the conference they would need to be able to access the site flexibly- whether that be from a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. Customers would also need an easy way to engage and communicate with the AkerWade team to gain more information about Fast Charge Technology. 
From a design perspective, one of the key constraints in designing this site was turnaround time. We had just a few days to get the site designed, approved, and deployed in time for the conference. 

Sketch, Marvel, Trackduck
At the time this site was designed, the European market had shown some resistance to adopting fast-charge technology. This presented us with an excellent opportunity to design a site that bucked negative sentiment around AkerWade's product. Research was conducted on a cross section of analogous European businesses to ensure the site conventions were consistent with what European users might expect. As SeventhStreet had an existing relationship with AkerWade, we were able to leverage knowledge about AkerWade's customer base to inform our understanding of the potential users of this single page marketing site.
Planning & Early Ideation
To quickly produce a site requires planning ahead. Our design process started with the design of patterns and guidelines that would be used on the site. Once we had the typographic, color, and UI treatment outlined, we had the tools necessary to think quickly about translating requirements into an attractive, consistent UI.
Design & Execution
As we ideated on styling, we constructed requirements for the site. The site needed to be easy to browse (so we decided on a single page architecture). The site needed to be mobile friendly. And, the site needed to drive engagement between AkerWade and conference goers (like lift truck and battery powered vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers). 

Create a site that is mobile friendly
The AkerWade site was designed responsively across all major break points (desktop, tablet, and mobile). This benefitted our conference-going users, as most of them were "out of pocket" while attending the conference. This meant, they would be operating from their mobile devices rather than their laptops. 

Create a Site that drives engagement between Akerwade and conference goers
To facilitate an exchange of questions and answers between AkerWade and their potential customers, we designed a section at the bottom of the landing page, leveraging the twitter API, which allows users to tweet questions directly at AkerWade. Tweets from the conference would be displayed on the page, so other potential customers can see what conversations are already happening. The Twitter channel, itself, was designed to live long beyond the conference.
Mobile Site Design
Desktop Site Design
Measuring Success
For this project, it was my responsibility to deliver final designs and prototypes to my engineering counterpart and assist with QA. I successfully accomplished both of these goals with an on-time delivery.
"The 920 Special Website Redesign"

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