Hi! I'm Jess.

I'm a Product & User Experience Designer living in Oakland, CA. This site features a selection of my work.

eHealth Medicare Plan Unit Redesign
Rethinking the eHealth Medicare shopping experience, starting with the plan unit .
UX Design | Interaction Design | Usability Testing | Research Design | UI Design
eHealth Medicare Homepage Redesign & Guided Help Tool
Creating a helpful homepage experience for eHealth Medicare.
User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Interaction Design
eHealth Medicare Provider Search Tool
A new provider search tool to help customers find plans that cover their doctors.
User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Interaction Design
Helping Hands Human Services
Concept Design & Prototype: A Kiosk-Based Conversational UI for Human Services.
UX Design | Ergonomic Design | Concept Design
Ajax Paving Website
A responsive website for Michigan based Ajax Paving.
UX Design | UI Design | Visual Design
eHealth Medicare
Intuitive, friendly, and useful customer experiences for a Medicare audience.
User Experience Design (UX/UI/IxD) | Print Design
Fast Charge Authority Site
A single page responsive site for C2E (AkerWade), a fast charge battery manufacturing and technology company.
UX Design | UI Design
The 920 Special
A website redesign for The 920 Special, a Lindy Hop & Vernacular Jazz Dance School in San Francisco.
UX Design | Visual Design
A fictional skin care concept for early skin cancer detection intended to provoke discourse on the topic of skin cancer management.
Speculative Design | Futures Design | Identity Design | Concept Design
The Art Experience
A website for The Art Experience, a non-profit 501c3 art & art therapy studio in the Detroit Metropolitan area.
Web Design | Information Architecture | Wordpress Implementation
Recycling VR Game
A Virtual Reality game designed for Google Cardboard to teach kids about recycling.
UX Design | Game Design | Concept Design | Engineering
An iOS application designed to help young users growth their wealth.
UX Design | UI Design | Product Design
The Hot Baked Goods
A website designed for SF based jazz band, The Hot Baked Goods.
Web Design
Sentinel Strength
Web and Identity Design for Oakland based personal training business, Sentinel Strength.
Visual Design | Web Design
Accurate Estimating
Identity and Web Design for Accurate Estimating, a Bay Area business offering estimation services in the construction space.
Web Design | Identity Design | Information Architecture
Ryan Calloway Art
A personal portfolio site for Oakland based artist, Ryan Calloway.
Web Design
The Bootlegger's Ball
Logo and flyer design for San Francisco based dance event, The Bootlegger's Ball.
Identity Design | Visual Design | Print Design
Jassberry Jam
Identity design for local dance, Jassberry Jam, whose focus is on furthering a culture of dance and jazz music into the SF Bay Area community.
Identity Design | Graphic Design
An adventure in branding and identity design for SF based dance organization, Shimmytown.
Identity Design | Graphic Design
UI Design Playtime!
This page features an ongoing collection of user interfaces and experiences designed just for fun!
User Interface Design
Ix Design Playtime!
Interaction Design practice and play.
Interaction Design
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